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written and recorded by Matt May between fall 2009 and july 2013 in montreal, qc

thanks to everyone for all the feedback and support, all the time. especially 6679, ethan, julia, jean, arnold, adam, and my family

out soon on tape, with "Derivatives" via Amiable Hundred (amiablehundred.com)


released July 23, 2013

album artwork by portia larlee

"cuba gooding jr." originally by long long long (longlonglong.bandcamp.com/album/shorts)

thanks to tim beeler (isleofpine.bandcamp.com) for the use of the 4-track and mic on "you are the river..." and jean's guitar on nearly all of these tracks.


tags: folk Montreal


all rights reserved


Countrywide Montreal, Québec

member of Misery Loves Co. miserylovesco.bandcamp.com

also play w/:

Ought ought.bandcamp.com

Welter & Associates welterassoc.bandcamp.com

collab w/ Catherine (aka YlangYlang) supercooling.bandcamp.com

Played keys on both sides of Alcrete & Nennen split miserylovesco.bandcamp.com/album/alcrete-nennen
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Track Name: your family on vacation
I am a liar
trying to claim higher ground
than the fire that's trying to do the same

you are my sister
and you're looking sinister
as you administer the tobacco to your brain

I am the crime scene
trying not to be seen
by the family of the man who died

you are the garden
growing two types of onions
absorbing the sun and getting hung out to dry

your father's an arm twister
your mother's a good kisser
so he tells me as you squeeze my arm
for reassurance I'm told that your parents
aren't looking for someone to love

I am holding the door to my home
in the city where I want to reappear
you are alive and you are breathing
the air in like everyone here

I am covered by your brother's
brightly colored sleeping bag
you are fine and taking your time
to try and find the day's lag

while you're laying I am looking
at the shape that your legs make
while you're taking two aspirin a day
to make your legs take shape
Track Name: pre-departure
if you had one more
war-torn brother I'm sure
you'd find it just as hard to endure

lay awake lying back
on your bed with your head
on the tracks

I think you spent too much time
letting calenders slip by
with the aches and muscles spent
on your friend's bike
late at night

I am a jealous cat
I don't like the way you pet
that other cat
so I wait until he's on your lap
then I scratch at the back
until you let me out
Track Name: you are the river, I am the swimmer
you are the river, I am the swimmer
always splitting two good things apart
hands between water, water between the land
they'll both come back together in the end

and I am aware that while we're out there
crawling through the mountain's great divide
that we will have to be still
and put our lives on hold for the night

but I've stopped looking in your direction
so I don't have to watch you change
but there's something to seeing happen
that makes it seem as though it's okay

to be a part of it all
to feel apart from it all
to be a part of it all
to feel part from it all

someday in a while I'll look back and smile
cause I'll feel that it's always been good
and I hope that when you look back
you will feel that it's always been good

to be a part of it all
to feel apart from it all
to be a part of it all
to feel apart from it all
Track Name: sleeper
I wanna be a sleeper
an all day, all night dreamer
will you heed my call with vigor
will you heed my call at all

my heel hovers the pavement
toes touching the rubber-covered cement
I stood wishing I was without movement
I stood, I was intrinsically good

and as I watched the sun go down
I thought about it coming back up
and as I watched you turn around
I had the very same thought

you put it on the line
but I could not untie it in time
the emergency of smoke passing by
without urgency, I moved earnestly

and as the sun rose against the sky
I started to chase the dark away
running through my town at night
I brought the day

I will not bring it away
I brought the day
I will not bring it away
Track Name: locations
the sun is warm
against my face
the sun and I
go separate ways
the winter's chill
attacks my face
the cold and I
go separate ways

my friend and I
we make big plans
to cut our teeth
on everything
and so just like
our history tells us
the gold we bite
builds all our houses

and at night I lie awake
cause my heart, it heaves with hate
but it's still a nice place
on it's ugliest days

I felt it then
like none before
on these cold nights
it keeps me warm
but I know
it's just one plan
I've got two more
to get buried in

and at night I lie awake
cause my heart, it heaves with hate
but it's still a nice place
it's been a nice day
Track Name: cuba gooding jr. (long long long)
I think
I felt it back
there...but only
for a minute. If I
even felt it at all...
There was a thickness
that hung in the air but now
its thinning. Everything is opening up.

The Wind is willowy and pale as it slides
across the buildings; gliding like a
hospital ship. Yesterday I saw the
nails that hold everything
together. They
were starting
to loosen

now the
air tastes like
tar. It lingers on
our faces and gathers
in our good weather clothes.
When I got in the car I thought
that we had made it. It thought we
were at least getting close.

But now I see your uncle and his
friends circling the building.
They're looking for a way
to get in. I called the
cops, they're on
their way. And
I don't want
to kill him,

I won't let him win.
Track Name: fox news
there's a fox buried in my backyard
that fox used to fuck with our garden
so my mom went out and bought a gun and
spilled blood over spilled onions

there's a man standing in my driveway
taking bottles and cans from my real estate
slides on the side while he pulls away
say so much trash when I'm trashed I have so much to say

summers spent swimming in lakes
in michigan, while southwest states bend
the union is pulling my face in
the union is breaking my legs in

there's a clock - tic tock
talk to me about what ticks you off
I'll talk shit if you talk soft
I'll cover the clock with a cloth

there's a rifle resting on my shoulder
.22 calibers for when I'm one year older
the red rings rip right as they splinter
that target ain't so hard to hit either